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6 stk. apart ma125 mixer forsterker til salgs

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Solgt 6 stk. APART MA125 Mixer / Forsterker
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6 stk. (i ubrutte esker) . APART MA125 Mixer / Forsterker * 75 % avslag Denne varen koster 6000 SK i Sverige ! . MA125 Technical specificationsInput : MIC1 (Front / Rear) : Bal. 1/4”Jack / Bal XLR, DIN5 (1.5mV), Euroblock. 14V phantom power via on-off switch at back panel Input : MIC2-3-4 : XLR3 balanced (1.5 mV). 14V phantom power via on-off switch at back panel Input : Emergency input : Euro block (1V) Input : AUX : RCA cinch (500 mV) Input : CD : RCA cinch (500 mV) Input : Tuner : RCA cinch (300 mV) Input : LINE4 : RCA cinch (200 mV) Output Power RMS : Rated : 125 watt Output Power RMS : Max : 150 watt Output impedance : 50V (20Ohm) - 70V (39.2Ohm) - 100V (80Ohm) - 8 Ohm Pre amp out : RCA cinch (1V) Record out : RCA cinch mono (1V) Priority output power : 24V activated by priority contact closure Chime : 2-tone chime activated by contact closure on Euroblock or DIN5. Volume adjustable Priority system : Level 1: Emergency / Tel : Euroblock (200 mV), mutes all inputs Priority system : Level 2: VOX Mute : On MIC 1 (0.6 mV), mutes mic 2,3 & 4 and line inputs. Level set by trimmer Priority system : Level 3: contact closure : Mutes all line inputs Limiter : Dynamic limiter -3dB Frequency Range : 40 Hz - 22 kHz (±3 dB) S/N Ratio : Amplifier : Better than 95 dB, 22 Hz - 22 kHz S/N Ratio : Line : Better than 81 dB, 22 Hz - 22 kHz S/N Ratio : Mic : Better than 70 dB, 22 Hz - 22 kHz Distortion : Bass control : ± 10 dB, 100 Hz Treble control : ± 10 dB, 10 kHz Power supply : 230 / 115 V DC or 24V DC Dimensions (H x W x D) : 88 x 483 x 230 mm. detachable 19” brackets included Weight : 9 KgProduct description The MA125 is a very compact, professional PA mixing amplifier for commercial and industrial applications. The MA125 can drive 8 Ohm or constant voltage loudspeakers.The MA125 has 4 microphone inputs with integrated speech filters, 4 selectable line inputs and one emergency line / telephone input. MIC input 1 is meant to be the main microphone paging input. Its signal can be fed via the front jack or via the XLR3, DIN5 or Euroblock connector at the back.When needed, two APart paging microphones (MIC-PAT-D) can be wired in parallel on each microphone input.The MA125 has a 3-level priority system. The emergency line / telephone input at the back has the highest priority. MIC1 has the second priority level and the third priority level can be activated by a dry contact at the back of the amplifier. This dry contact mutes all background music inputs. It also activates the integrated chime. The level of the chime can be adjusted at the back of the amplifier. Activation of the dry contact, releases a 24V output power? this can be used to switch the relays of loudspeaker attenuators or other devices.When needed the signals mixed via your MA125 mixing amplifier can be recorded or distributed via the record output.Further the MA125 is supplied with detachable 19” brackets.The MA125 is the device to built professional industrial applications. You can insert an extra EQ (such as the APart PXQ2215) into the signal path or add extra power amps (e.g. PA240P), using the pre-amp out / power amp in RCA connectors. Se flere gjenstander fra denne selgeren.
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